No need to send documents overseas, we do that free of charge
We are the official Canadian representative and application centre for 26 universities throughout Australia, UK & Ireland.

Helping students for over 25 years is a testament to what we do.

Our support and guidance is absolutely free of charge.

“We are extremely grateful to KOM consultants for helping our family achieve their academic life goals.

In today’s admissions market place, it is not enough to be an outstanding student, or have a supportive family. You need professional and reliable guidance and advice to be even considered in the application journey. It’s just that competitive, and KOM provides direction along that journey.

KOM helps students and their families find out how and where to be competitive, find a program and university that can help them achieve their academic goals, and provides much needed support and advice during the application process.”

Dr. H. Hoediono, BSc. D.D.S.